High-Pressure HydroJetting

There is nothing more irritating or unpleasant than a blocked sink, sewer drain or storm water. They’re not scheduled and they surely happen at the circumstances when you require plumbing to work the most. LUIGI Plumbing comprehends your concern well and that’s why we offer the best and effective cleaning services for the block drains.

Here, at LUIGI Plumbing we make sure to use the very latest technologies and the hydro-jetting machine is one of the very latest technique for blocked drains.

What is Hydroget cleaning?

With this process, we take a high pressured stream of water to your drains which remove the garbage from pipes, tanks or other pipe lines. This type of cleaning is specially geared towards pipes as the high flow of water move blockages further from the pipes than other forms of cleaning. This cleaning action is one of the quickest ways to clean your drains.

Why use the hydro-jet?

Grease, oil, dirt and other such accumulations can be very difficult to move with machinery, as their cutting tools either get stuck, don’t remove anything or they can’t reach the blockage effectively. Here at LUIGI Plumbing, the blocked drain experts use the high powered hydro-jets that are very effective for blocked stormwater drains, blocked sewer drains, blocked sink drains and any hard to reach, drain blockage.

Professional Hydro-jetting services

With high quality, competitive rates, and certified plumbing professional, LUIGI Plumbing can offer you a complete array of plumbing services right from detecting leaks to clearing blockages and installing new plumbing equipment. Don’t wait for your plumbing to overflow or become backed up when you can call us on 323-984-5497 for 24-hour assistance in anyone Angeles and surrounding area Echo Park location.