Backflow Testing & Repairs

Backflow is the unwanted reversal of the waterflow or mixtures of water and unwanted substances from any source into the distribution pipe of the potable water system. Typically, the water flows in only one direction, although under certain circumstances it can flow in the opposite direction, or backflow. This can be caused by a few things such as a water main break or high demand at a fire hydrant.

Backflow Testing

The majority of backflow assemblies includes a check valve or valves. It is very necessary that these valves are checked and tested every 12 months to prevent risk of water contamination. Neglecting this responsibility may cause contamination and a variety of illness.

LUIGI Plumbing have been specializing in providing you with an annual service to certify your check valve to stay in compliance with the standards. Below are some reasons that explains why businesses need water backflow prevention:

1. The petering out of clean water supply due to cross connections has the potential to allow contaminants into the drinking water system, that if consumed can cause a variety of medical conditions such as diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal cramps.

2. These all problems cause numerous expensive medical bills that you need to pay due to contaminated water.

3. A water filter you use in your home acts as a physical barrier against impurities, but is not enough always to have safe drinking water.

Backflow prevention devices help to protect preventing water contamination in such critical places such as irrigation systems, fire suppression systems, wells, pools, hot tubs, and boilers.

It is crucial that backflow valves are inspected and pass inspection at least once per year. Your water provider is legally required to enforce this legislation and maintain a high level of compliance throughout their district.

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