Faucets & Fixtures

Kitchens and baths get a lot of attention from potential home buyers. They also get attention (not always good) from home owners. Whether you’re selling or keeping your home, you can add value – and increase the enjoyment of your home – with relatively modest investment in updated kitchen faucets and bathroom fixtures.

luis Gonzalez installs and repairs a range of popular faucet and fixture brands. Repairs range from the simple to the complex to the things you just don’t want to tackle on your own. (Let’s face it: contorting yourself under cabinets isn’t fun, particularly if you aren’t used to doing it.)

Updating fixtures can dress up a tired room making it more attractive to potential buyers and more enjoyable to live with.

And if you have your heart set on something special, give us a call. We can find the fixture that fulfill your dreams and fits your budget.

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