Water and Gas Leaks

A leak can quickly turn your beautiful home into a swimming pool and not the kind that the kids have been trying to convince you to get. Things can even get worse when you don’t know exactly where the leak is coming from. Even the smallest leak can lead to costly and potentially harmful consequences over the course of a few days or weeks. It is therefore critical that you ensure your system are fully sealed and functioning as they should be. Keep your family, friends, and employees safe by hiring our team of adept professionals to tend to your leakage problems.

Servicing your gas and water leaks

Our plumbers have licensed gas fitters so we are able to handle your both gas and water leak problems. The only thing worse than having a big leak in your house is having a huge hole in your wall, made while trying to find the leakage. We assure you that our team uses the best non-invasive method to find the source of the leak without making any kind of hole or breakdown on the wall. A simple knowledge of your piping system is very helpful for us but if you have no idea, no problems!

Get repairs that last

LUIGI Plumbing is expert in quality maintenance and repair of all the major brands of gas hot waters. Our qualified and licensed leak detectors will quickly respond to your inquiry and arrive on time with a well-stocked service equipment to remedy your problem. Our technicians are available to serve you 24/7.

The experts make use of all the latest equipment that will allow them to quickly find out the root cause of leakage. They also have expertise and equipment to repair your leak and get your system working safely.

If your water or gas piping system has not been serviced recently or is due for maintenance, get in touch with LUIGI Plumbing, to ensure your gas and water system is free from any kind of leaks and operating efficiently.

If you suspect your gas or water system has any kind of leak, contact our experienced professionals immediately at 323-984-5497 for prompt and efficient service.

To schedule an appointment for Orange County or Los Angeles leak detection, please contact us at 323-984-5497.