Water Filtration

Water filtration services provide filtration solutions to the Los Angeles & Orange County region and specialize in home water filtration. Our experts are ridding all kind of water problems like hardness, high iron content, low Ph, smells caused by gases building up in water systems and many more common problems. We can handle all kind of water issues, even beyond what you ask!!

At LUIGI Plumbing, we work with you to selectively remove potentially dangerous contaminants from the water, while retaining the healthy minerals of water that you expect.

Our treatment of water filtration guarantees to offer you a luxurious feel of living water that you desire both at your home and at work. Here are four key benefits that house water filtration systems offer you:

1) Clean and Mineral rich water: A good quality filter will remove all the contaminants from your source water without removing the naturally occurring minerals, which are necessary for your health.

2) Clean Showers & Baths: Your showers & baths will be healthier because the chlorine and chlorinates have been removed or greatly reduced. Chlorine in your shower or bath water can cause headaches, dizziness, reddened eyes, and is a known carcinogen. By filtering water before it enters your bathroom, you can be assured of healthier, chlorine-free water.

3) Extends the Life of Water-Using Appliances: The life of your home appliances using water such as hot water tanks, washing machines, coffee pots, and dishwashers will be extended owing to the quality of the water using in appliances does not contain any sediment, chlorine or contaminants. This saves your thousands on appliance repair or replacement costs.

4) Keep Chemicals Out of Clothing: Chlorine in water can build up in clothing fibers over time, causing the fabric colors to fade and break down prematurely. If you want to keep them bright, vibrant, and new looking, consider installing a whole house filter in your home.

A professional contractor from LUIGI Plumbing can install a whole house filter for you, so you can begin enjoying all these benefits today.

If you want to install a new filtration system in your house or having a filtration system that needs service, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can handle all of your water filtration needs!!